Fishermen please be patient while the RonZ site is under a new face lift, we are very busy building baits and a new shop. From the beginning RONZ has focused on selling baits to the 10% of the fishermen that catch 90% of the fish. Most of these fishermen need no website to get the job done, some don’t even have a computer, so it was not on my priority list. After receiving a number of emails of complaints about the RonZ site having lack of content i have decided to (jazz) up my site. I do care about what u think, but i also think that you should be out doing more fishing and spend less time reading about it. That being said it seems like i spend more time making RONZ than fishing them. I will also be adding a online store for those who can’t find what they need at there local dealers. I have receive complaints from some RonZ fans that could not find what they needed online or the tackle shop was sold out. Everything will come in time but what’s most important is the making of the RonZ!